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Four simple tools on client retention that increase profit dramatically
Usually, in order to increase the profit costs are optimized. Even though it is efficient it has limited potential. On the other hand, according to Harvard Business School, increase of client retention by 5% is followed by increase of revenue by 25-95%. In addition, its potential is very high. Therefore, customer loyalty is a useful aid to increase the profit.
For these CleanEngine provides with few simple, effective and convenient tools. Firstly, handy interface for fast new client registration at the point of sale. Secondly, client profile with all the required information and history.

Thirdly, reports and functionality on new clients. You have already paid for their acquisition. Why not to make them regular? To keep the customer is much cheaper than to acquire new one. Fourthly, reports and functionality on regular customers that are potentially switched to your competitors. Return them unless you want to donate.

Let's examine them in details.
Fast Client Registration
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While registering order, new client can be registered in very fast and convenient way. His name and contacts are just enough at this moment and the form provides the facilities. No need to detain people, switch to another form, loose the order data and input again. The new customer is registered automatically. All the other data can be updated later, if required.
Client's Profile
There is contact details, personal discount, history of orders, average check, total spend on your service, etc. All the data required to better understand your client, his needs, capabilities and dynamics. Finally, there is possibility to leave comments and notes.

Based on these data you can better understand your clients and provide them with individual conditions. Moreover, studying profiles of the clients you can segment them, define patterns and needs of the segments. As a result, in order to increase the volume of each segment special conditions for them can be provided. This can also help to make decisions on your further business strategy.
"Identify specifics of the clients and need to offer to each his own", experts say
For example, needs in terms of cleaning or repairs of a student and an entertainer differ dramatically. For the student, the cost is usually the most important condition. He/she can walk a quarter further to the next service that fits his budget.

On the other hand, the entertainer performs on the stage almost every day and needs his dress to be perfect every time he/she appears. The success depends on it. He/she often needs fast and proper cleaning or repairs of clothes damaged yesterday evening. The cost in this case has secondary importance. +10-20% are not that critical. Such customer need service that never quits on.
New Clients
"The customer would express gratitude to such client-centric approach and convert from extremely angry to very loyal customer", experts say
The cornerstone of increase of client retention is identification of new clients and conversion them into regular ones. Therefore, the owners and managers can explore the report on new clients periodically. The clients' contact information and other relevant data can be found there. Then they can communicate with the customers and ask:

  • Are they satisfied with the service and would they come again?
  • If not, what are they dissatisfied with?
  • If yes, would they recommend it to anyone else?

If the client is not satisfied and the business can handle it then it is an excellent opportunity to gain a regular customer. For this time, it is enough to appreciate and to inform that every effort would be bend. Improve the service. Contact with the client again and:

  • Offer the apologies again;
  • Inform about the activities performed to improve and assure that the incident would not repeat again;
  • Invite the client again. Personal discount or conditions are optional.

According to experts, the customer would express gratitude to such client-centric approach and convert from extremely angry to very loyal customer. Moreover, quite often he/she would tell someone about such experience. Meaning that the business will also gain a positive word-of-mouth marketing which is very efficient marketing channel nowadays.
Lost Regular Customers
"As increase of number of regular customers promotes revenue and profit so the decrease inhibits them"
According to experts, absence of feedback is one of the core issues of customer loose. If a client is dissatisfied with the service (e.q. poor cleaning or delay) then quite often owners are not informed about the accident. Therefore, the problem continues to repeat and customers continue to switch to competitors.

As increase of number of regular customers promotes revenue and profit so the decrease inhibits them. Therefore, it is critical to control the loss of clients, timely communicate with them and return.

Not in every instance client leaves because of quality of service. However, it cannot be tolerated when it is the case. Experts recommend to communicate with the client and study the matter. The approach can be the same as for the new clients.

Keep your regular clients and do not let the revenue to decrease.

Your success will redound to the fame of CleanEngine!
In the article, we examined four tools of CleanEngine to increase the revenue. Use the opportunities and boost your business! Then, let us know about your achievements and let us know what else is required for you to provide the best service. CleanEngine will bend every effort to help you.
CleanEngine Team,
April 2017

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