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Increase your customer loyalty, unlock new business opportunities and increase your revenue with revolutionary software designed specifically for laundries, dry cleaners, and alterations
CleanEngine is
the first cloud-based ERP system designed specifically for dry cleaners, bio cleaners, laundries, ateliers and alterations. It helps managers and owners to stay in touch with clients and increase their loyalty. It gives 24/7 Worldwide control over the network of stores and kiosks, automate processes and improves collaboration. Finally, it has extremely low barriers to enter.
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Why CleanEngine

Investment into client retention
According to Harvard Business School "increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%." CleanEngine helps you to improve your customer experience and promote their loyalty followed by retention. Do not let your competitors gain your clients. You are not buying the system, you are investing in it.
Put in order and remove paper work
Business becomes complex and grows. Let automation win disorder, remove paper and increase productivity. There is no order lost and always someone is responsible. Build trust with your customers and identify bottle necks of your business.
Economical and Lean
There is no need to buy expensive servers, computers and configure them. No need to spend money on expensive support of the system, backups and upgrades. Just use a free computer, laptop or tablet connected to the Internet you already have.
Improve Collaboration
Boost productivity from improved collaboration of your employees and units as well as with other companies.
Gain the best from adaptable and clear processes, 24/7 Worldwide access.


Workstation has suddenly broken? Do not suspend service. Use any convenient device: laptop, tablet or smartphone. Timely back-ups and upgrades. 24/7 access to your data. No client will be lost and disappointed.
Best Practices and Customization
We aggregate best practices on the market, analyze customers' requests and provide the best practices from the Global market. You get always the latest version of the System.
Furthermore, you can customize the system with respect to your needs. Finally, we appreciate customer feedback and continuously improve the System.

Strictly confidential. Follow industrial security standards such as PCI-DSS. You will not loose the data because of virus attack or hardware damage. Our servers are managed by world class security experts, and yours?

Integrate with any of your systems via API. If you accept orders via web page, then this orders will directly go to the system and follow business-flow. Integrate accounting systems. Streamline routine and labor-intensive processes and derive a benefit. Full automation and no more paper works!


Management and Owners
Point of Sale
Pickup and Delivery
Customization, Itnegration and Migration
Email and phone support
You can send us an e-mail and we will respond you soon. Also you can call as for any question and we appreciate it
Your requests are crucial
Our company works according to the principle of continuous improvement. This method lets us to compete the market. Therefore, your feedback and requests are crutial for us
Order Tracking
No order is lost. Timely notifications. Someone is always responsible
SMS & E-mail Notifications
Notify your clients about the status of the order via push, e-mail or both
Work station has suddenly broken? Use any device that you have near by
Works with any device that opens Google Chrome web browser as well as others. Use any tablet or smartphone that you have at hands. Do not stop your business and lose any customer
Graphs and reports on client behavior
Be aware of dynamics of regular customers and non-regular in your store. Stay informed, when a regular customer does not come anymore and solve the issue. Learn about your new customers and try to convert them into regular ones. Finally, increase your income
Expand your network and find new opportunities
Easily expand your network, add kiosks and utilize new locations. Control your business centrally and use any hardware you need
Dynamics of your services and cash-flow
Be aware of dynamics of your products and examine their correlations. Find new opportunities to increase you revenue
24/7 access from anywhere
Access the system from anywhere at anytime and have a keen sense of the pulse of your business
Support pickup and delivery managers
Easily customize your pickup and delivery managers accounts so that they will not be overwhelmed with other information. Use smartphones to manage pickups and deliveries
Booking via your Web page or other systems
Does your Web page support booking? Let the orders directly fall into the system and your business-flow/
Customize permissions, products, reports, and user interface
The System provides you a generic order flow, data and user interface. However, you can customize it depending on your needs and processes
Integrate with any other system
Integrate your accounting system, web page or any other system via open API we provide
Multilingual interface and localizations
The system supports many languages and localizations, including English, Russia, Urdu, Arabic, etc. Let us know, if you need additional localization.
Glad to help you to migrate
Provide us a template of export files from your current system. We will be glad to help you to migrate
They recommend CleanEngine
Good, nothing in excess. Clean and simple interface. Well done.

Green Plate
Founder, Ufa, Russia
It is harder for me to keep all process in a control. So this is a splendid service for all my team to see all tasks on one board! We communicate, comment, we control!
Samanta Wine
Co Founder, Chicago
Request free on-line demonstration
We will create the environment for you and provide you with the link
Our contacts
Feel free to write, call, or order a call. We really love to communicate with our clients.
For Software Distributors & Resellers
We share 20% to 50% of clients' subscriptions with partners that distribute our software.
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